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Pediatric Emergency Care

Pediatric Emergency Care

At Mercy Emergency Room in Sugar Land, Texas, we offer a comprehensive array of healthcare services specifically designed for children across various age groups. Our board-certified emergency physicians and friendly staff have specific training in pediatric emergencies and our modern facility is fully equipped to cater to the needs of pediatric patients. We understand the concerns of parents and caregivers, and are here around the clock to support you, offering additional information and access to resources as needed. If you reside in Sugar Land, Richmond, Missouri City or the surrounding areas, you can always reach out to Mercy Emergency Room for your child’s or adolescent’s emergency needs.

What is pediatric emergency care?

Pediatric emergency care is a specialized medical service that focuses on providing immediate and specialized attention to infants, children, and adolescents who require urgent medical assistance due to illness or injury.

What differentiates pediatric emergency care from adult care?

Pediatric emergency care differs from adult care in that it is specifically tailored to address the unique medical, emotional, and developmental needs of children. Pediatric emergency care providers are trained to recognize and manage conditions that predominantly affect the pediatric population.

What types of conditions or injuries are treated in pediatric emergency care?

Pediatric emergency care addresses a wide range of conditions that require immediate attention including:

  • Respiratory distress
  • Fever
  • Injuries
  • Fractures
  • Severe infections
  • Seizures

How can parents prepare for a pediatric emergency?

Parents can prepare by having a basic understanding of common pediatric emergencies, knowing the location of the nearest pediatric emergency facility, and keeping a list of important medical information for their child. It's also essential to have emergency contact numbers readily available.

Mercy Emergency Room in Sugar Land, Texas provides 24-hour emergency care for all kinds of pediatric emergencies. Staffed by board-certified physicians with expertise in pediatric medicine and equipped with onsite lab and imaging facilities and child-friendly environments, we minimize stress and anxiety for young patients and their families.